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Between the 12th and 16th of July 2023, at Ananda Valley farm in Ourondo, Covilhã, we invite you to connect with our true nature through the Arts, Yoga and Meditation, and strengthen the ties between the Community that makes the world a better place.

In its 5th edition, the Ananda Festival of Bliss makes us Fly with Our Own Wings. Here we find a space free of alcohol, drugs and tobacco and we are invited to get in touch with a healthier lifestyle, discover new opportunities for social and ecological activism, dance or simply relax in nature.



The Ananda Festival of Bliss is an immersion in art and nature, a dive for activists, artists and dreamers, young people and families, yogis and yoginis, ecology lovers and peace.

This festival is also an opportunity to experience and enjoy meditation, kiirtan (chanting of mantras), yoga classes, vegetarian, vegan and satvik food, riverside concerts, arts workshops, lectures, holistic therapies, artistic performances, among other magical moments.


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