Rules and what to bring

The Ananda Festival of Bliss is a life-changing event where you can immerse yourself in art, ecology and nature. It is a chance to experience your creativity and a healthy lifestyle, to dance or simply relax amid the beauty of Nature, but also to discover new opportunities for social and ecological activism. You can also discover new opportunities for social and ecological activism.

We believe that, by nurturing ourselves and our environment, we grow from within and as a whole.

Important Guidelines:

  • The festival promotes an alcohol and drugs-free environment.
  • We provide vegetarian/vegan delicious food and our invitation is for you to have the complete festival experience by enjoying it. In case you decide to bring your own food please respect our values and don’t bring any kind of non vegetarian ingredients.
  • Fires of any kind are prohibited in this time of the year in Portugal. It is very important for us and for the safety of every participant at the festival that you do not make any fire in the enclosure or surrounding areas.
  • The sun, dehydration, loud noise and many people can increase the stress and health problems of our beloved pets. Besides that, we want our land to be a safe haven for wildlife, and throughout the years we have been watching an increasing number of wild animals appearing on our land that we had not seen before. Unfortunately, domestic animals, in particular cats and dogs, are a major threat to wildlife, and according to some studies, cats are super predators for small mammals and birds especially, but also small reptiles For these reasons we are not allowing pets to enter the premises, except for guide dogs.
  • Please be aware of the soaps, shampoo, toothpaste and every other cosmetics you are bringing, for they must be biodegradable and eco-friendly.

To bring:

  • Please bring your own tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and any camping equipment you may require. If you don’t have any or prefer to rent them from us please be aware that we have a limited number of camping equipment, so it would be better to order them in advance.
  • As we are an environmentally-friendly festival and we want to minimize the footprint and garbage we are producing, we want to encourage you to bring your reusable utensils (cup, plate). There are several water points where you can wash them after use.
  • Organic soap and shampoo that does not damage the environment (blue-soap is allowed).
  • Yoga mat (some will be available for those who do not have).
  • Cushion to sit. We’ll spend a lot of time sitting on the floor.
  • Blanket to cover yourself during meditation or relaxation. Some meditations will be out doors.
  • Portugal is considered a very warm country, but the temperature in the Vale can still be a bit cold during the night. Please keep this in mind when you are preparing your bag.
  • Don’t forget your towel and swimming suit. Paúl’s river is waiting for you! 🙂
nishitaRules and what to bring