Program Concerts

Wednesday, 10th

Bhakti Family

Night Concert

Maa, or Bhakti Family, is an ensemble of universal artists and musician sharing joy and togetherness through collective mantra chanting, bhajan, Kiirtan and songs of HEARTFULLNESS.

Kirtan is a repetition of mantra aimed to establish a joyful connection with the self. Kiirtan carries the strength in healing and transformation of the self and moving towards the divinity, an ancient devotional singing practice to light up our hearts in quest for the loving presence within us.

Thursday, 11th

As Marias (dancing performance)

Dancing Performance - "Let's balhar Bahja?"

“The Marias” is a group of female warriors. They are between 65 and 84 years old. They are mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. They left their families and their countries of origin, Cape Verde and Angola or other regions of Portugal, to come and seek for better conditions of living near to Lisbon. All their lives they’ve worked, cared, and fought. Very much.

Their performance was developed within the project “Xinti Bem! – Promotion of Welfare” promoted by the “Sociedade Musical Simpatia e Gratidão” and AMURT Portugal.


Afternoon Concert

Pacific Mantra Music.

FLOW, band members:

Aniisha (voz)
Xico (Handpan)
Jishnu (guitarra e voz)




Night Concert

AIÊ, in Yoruba, means the world of the living. The side of multisensory reality, where life is manifested by palpability, where sound waves are created and propagated. It is the world where physical encounters take place. Where the magic of improvisation is celebrated, under the laws of the impermanence of matter. In this vibration meet Edgar Valente [PT] and Luiz Gabriel Lopes [BR], for a generous multicultural collaboration.


10 pm – Palco Ananda

Friday, 12th

Nina & Rui

Afternoon Concert

Nina Canta & Rui Aires

Terra Livre

Night Concert

The Portuguese band voices the emerging ecologic movement, one natural and spontaneous movement with no leaders or borders, that manifests itself both in a local and worldly level.

Gathering consciousness, diversity and plurality in one voice, Terra Livre merges simplicity and psychedelic, miscegenation and mysticism, ecology and activism, and crystallizes in music the opportunities.


Saturday, 13th


Afternoon Concert

Lusitanas is the new songwriting project of the singer-songwriter Mariana Root, that invokes her Portuguese roots, celebrating the land of the light “Lusitana”: “what we have been and how we recreate ourselves”.

In duo with her sister both music and dancer, Ana Costa, they invoke intimacy and spontaneity on the stage, with a performative and theatrical side, from the singing voice to the dancing body.


Jyoshna - “Unity hours III”

Night Concert

In this concert, Jyoshna presents us her most recent album – Unity Hours III.

Songs of separation and sublime love and devotion, a mix of gentle jazz, folk rock and ecstatic kiirtan.


DJ Anirvan Deva

Night Concert

Rooted in the richness of diverse musical traditions, Anirvan Deva’s multicultural sound is a mix of various tonalities of world fusion and electronics blended with deep bass, percussion and mantras designed to shake your body, expand your mind and awaken the Spirit within.

Anirvan Deva is originally from Italy and he moved to New Zealand 8 years ago. He has raised the vibration at many events and festivals in Europe and New Zealand in the last 20 years.

Anirvan Deva produces his own tracks and remixes others as well. The concept behind his works is to share relevant and uplifting messages for a genuine revolution of the heart. He has been practicing mantra meditation and a vegan lifestyle for almost 15 years and he is inspired by those people who are moved by a feeling of Love and do their best to make this planet a better place.


Sunday, 14th


Dancing Concert

Pedro Prata and Inês Lopes harmonize a guitar and a concertina in Dahu. In their repertoire they contain original compositions based on traditional music. They mix rhythms with a sense of new sonorities, where European music and dance come together to undo boundaries.