Vision and Mission

Ananda Festival of Bliss has 4 fundamental pillars – Art, Nature, Community and Spirituality – on which our Vision and Mission are based.


The Ananda Festival of Bliss is a unique event that seeks to create a space of celebration, deep connection and social transformation. Our Vision is to create a world where everyone expresses their physical, psychic and spiritual potential. Where we live in joy, harmony and connection with our deepest essence and from that connection our creative and creative potential flows.

We believe in the power of cooperation, solidarity and co-creation in close contact with Nature and with a strong feeling of connection to Mother Earth. We understand that our activities can only be sustainable if we care for and nurture each other and if we share the world’s resources fairly.


The Ananda Festival of Bliss is a revolutionary festival where together we co-create a thriving community. By taking care of ourselves and the environment around us, we grow from within and as a whole.



To fulfill our Vision, we are dedicated to bringing people together. Activists, artists, dreamers and explorers, those looking for the deepest essence and purposeful living, young people, children and families, yogis and yoginis, ecology lovers and peace warriors. People who come from all walks of life who are very welcome and welcomed no matter who they are or where they come from.

The Ananda Festival of Bliss is a privileged space for us to be able to share our passions, create connections with people of common interests, contemplate, inspire, smile, dance, express our creative potential, give space to our dreams and simply feel the natural state of bliss.

Our mission is to promote the expression of the subtle potential of people and the planet and we believe that the Arts have the unique power to awaken it!