The Ananda Festival of Bliss is co-organized by three entities:


Promoter Entity: ARTivos Associação Cultural

ARTIVOS is a non-profit Cultural Association whose mission is to promote the social and holistic development of people and communities through the arts and integral artistic education, promoting high universal human values.


It belongs to a worldwide movement, the RAWA (Renaissance Artist and Writers Association), founded by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, which brings together artists and all people who want to use their artistic creative potential at the service of humanity.


To fulfill its mission, ARTIVOS organizes concerts, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, artistic residencies, collaborative art, art markets and cultural meetings. The scope of its activities is national and in recent years it has dedicated particular attention to the region of Cova da Beira, in the interior of central Portugal. Through its activities, ARTIVOS contributes to a strong culture of peace and respect between human beings, animals and nature.


ARTivos is responsible for the general coordination of the Ananda Festival of Bliss, managing the administrative area, logistics, communication, volunteers and the festival’s general program including concerts, performances, workshops, lectures, art market and therapies.




Facebook: ARTivosAssociacaoCultural

Instagram: artivos.associacao.cultural


Co-Organizer: Ananda Kalyani Master Unit (Ananda Valley)

Ananda Kalyani Master Unit or Ananda Valley is the space where the Ananda Festival of Bliss takes place.


Ananda Valley is a project centered on spirituality and global regeneration (environmental, economic and social) and local development, with the vision of being a model and educational center for sustainable living in the 21st century.


It is located in central Portugal, close to the Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve. In recent years, this lush but abandoned valley has been transformed into a livable place. Currently, the land covers 50 hectares of wild forests, a beautiful river, several scattered ruins, small springs, wild fruit trees and also 11 hectares of certified organic farming land.


Here several organizations such as Ecoativo (Environment), ARTivos (Art), Prip (Economy and Politics), Pequena Ilha Verde (Education) and Amurt (Humanitarian Aid), collaborate with Ananda Valley creating diverse projects and inspiring events.


During the festival, the Ananda Valley team does the incredible job of creating all the infrastructure that makes this such a unique festival, such as the “Palco Moinhos Velhos” next to the river, the bridge to the children’s area or the bathrooms. ecological that are beautiful!


In addition to Infrastructure, this year they are also responsible for the delicious food with the Microvita Restaurant, the Beach Bar and give super support in communication.



Facebook: AnandaValleyMasterUnit

Instagram: anandavalley



Co-organizer: Pequena Ilha Verde - Neo-Humanist association

Small Green Island is a neo-humanist education project that adopts a holistic approach of children’s free and pure expression in harmony with Nature.


At Ananda Festival of Bliss, Pequena Ilha Verde is responsible for the children’s area and for the parallel program that is entirely dedicated to the little ones and their families.


The team of educators is already super excited to welcome you all, so you can play and live endless adventures in this magical natural space!



Facebook: PequenaIlhaVerde

Instagram: pequenailhaverde




The Ananda Festival of Bliss has a set of partners that support the implementation of its general program: