The delicious food offered at the festival is satvika and vegetarian/vegan. You will have the opportunity to experience an incredible explosion of flavors!


But what are sattvik foods?


Food can both help and harm physical, mental and spiritual development and the satvika diet is the one that brings us more subtle foods that, in addition to being very beneficial for our body, are also very important to keep our mind at ease. This type of food helps a lot for our daily practices of yoga and meditation.


To learn more about sattvik power click here. (link content in Portuguese)


There will be a wide variety of desserts, with vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free options. Healthy and nutritious food that caters to all diets.


The delicious meals will be cooked by the Microvita Restaurant!

Purchase of meal vouchers for the restaurant:

Meal vouchers can be purchased at the festival reception.



    – Adults and young people >12 years – Breakfast – 5€ / Lunch 10€ / Dinner 10€


    – Daily Pack (Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner) – 22€

    – Pack of all meals for the festival period – 85€


Children < 12 years old pay half price.


Breakfasts include:  juice, porridge, bread and jam.

Meals (lunch and dinner) include:: soup, main course and drink.


Beach Bar

The Microvita Restaurant will also have a Bar right next to the beach where we can enjoy incredible fruit juices, vegan cakes, snacks, a cup of coffee or vegan ice cream!

Important information:

    – It is not possible to cook your own food on the festival grounds. The fire dangers are high and we are in a protected area, with beautiful vegetation and trees that we love and take care of a lot!

    – We will not have an ATM available, so all payments at the festival must be made in cash or MBway, thank you for understanding.