Camping and Caravan Zone

Accommodation during the festival is at our campsite located within the grounds (at Ananda Kalyani Master Unit/ Ananda Valley).

Here you will benefit from the fresh air coming from the stream and the shade of some trees. With the entrance ticket you will have free access to this area where you can place your tent.

We have a limited number of tents, mattresses and sleeping bags available for hire. If you wish to do so, please make a reservation in advance by writing an email to [email protected]. The cost of each item will be €10 for all days of the festival plus a €10 deposit. Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee that we will have these items available.


Immerse yourself in nature and shower under the stars or in the sun with our outdoor showers. The showers have hot water with limited capacity due to a solar water heater. Try to use the showers at unusual times and always keep in mind that the people next to you would also like to have hot water.


Don’t forget to bring ecological and biodegradable soaps, shampoos and creams (or buy some here) and take short showers – because we love nature!


Our ecological bathrooms work with a composting system, a system that benefits everyone including the environment.


We will also have a small area for caravans. If you are interested in coming to the festival with your caravan, please contact us to see if it is still possible to reserve a space. – [email protected].


Booking a caravan space with access to electricity costs €7 per day or €25 for the entire festival.


Important: It is not allowed to make bonfires in the camping area or in any other space in the enclosure.

For those looking for accommodation in a hostel or other type of accommodation, we provide some contacts at this linkIt should be noted that we are only promoting other accommodations, not having any responsibility for reservations in the respective accommodations.