About the Festival

The Ananda Festival of Bliss is a celebration of life through the arts, nature, social activism and delving into the Inner Being. 

During the festival we can enjoy different artistic workshops, performances, concerts, lectures and have the opportunity to practice yoga, meditation and kiirtan (mantra chanting) every day.

With unique characteristics and differentiated in the context of summer festivals, the Ananda Festival of Bliss invites us to adopt a healthy lifestyle, creating a space free of alcoholic beverages and other psychoactive substances and with a specific area for smokers, so that we can experience the experience of full consciousness, in a harmonious relationship with one’s own body and so…

“Flying with Our Own Wings!”

We serve vegetarian, vegan and satvik food, which means that we have healthy food not only for the body but also for our mind and… very tasty! For those who feel like a little pampering and extra self-care, they will find different holistic therapies at the festival.


The Ananda Festival of Bliss is very family friendly. There is a parallel program exclusively dedicated to children and the team that will welcome the little ones and their families is super excited to prepare the space and lots of games!


As if that weren’t enough, the Festival takes place in an idyllic atmosphere of exuberant nature!


We cannot leave the Ananda Festival of Bliss without going to the river beach to take a dip in the crystalline waters of the Ribeira do Paúl, which flows from the mountains of the Serra da Estrela Natural Reserve and runs through the valley rich in biodiversity. At night, we observe the environment in the light of the unforgettable July moon, with thousands of twinkling stars that cast a magical spell over the land.