A little of our history

The Ananda Festival of Bliss has its origins in the international movement RAWA (Renaissance of Artists and Writers Association). In Portugal, RAWA has been organizing different artistic programs since 2013 until, in 2016, it decided to organize its first festival called RAWA Festival, (or edition 0 of the Ananda Festival of Bliss) in our Master Unit Ananda Kalyani with a very similar format and structure. to what it has today.

As RAWA is part of an even larger movement, Ananda Marga (Path of Bliss), a global organization whose mission is self-realization and service to the universe, decided to change the name as it is known today: Ananda Festival of Bliss. The change was not just a name change, it reaffirmed the participation and presence of the different Ananda Marga projects and departments that have always been present in each edition of the festival.

Finally, since the festival’s conception (2016), in addition to showing the initiatives and principles of RAWA and Ananda Marga, the festival has always brought together different cultural manifestations and artistic proposals from other organizations and personalities from all over the world.