Ananda Valley

Ananda Festival of Bliss will take place at Ananda Valley, a socio-ecological development center located along the beautiful eco-friendly landscape of Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve.

Led by a team of international volunteers from various backgrounds, who bring to the table a wide range of skills, the project envisions the development of a sustainable living model in response to modern social, economic and environmental challenges.

Ananda Valley aims to create its nucleus in a rural community based on ecological principles at the heart of Portugal, near the beautiful Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve, as well as to facilitate the development of other sustainable projects in the surrounding areas.

It aims to become a centre for environmental and social excellence that will serve as a source of inspiration and innovation for a wider community. It also aspires to become an important landmark of eco-tourism, with a residential area, camping facilities and on-site programmes of international appeal.

The project is being developed using the latest scientific methods of agricultural production based on cutting edge research, ecological materials and bio-architecture, renewable energy sources, including woodland management and water and waste treatment systems. It further aims to promotes holistic child-centred education and lifelong learning as well as a lifestyle encouraging personal development and responsible citizenship.

In recent years a team of volunteers has organized international events, workshops and conferences at Ananda Valley which have been raising interest through Europe, preparing the ground for the next steps to be taken in cooperation with local institutions and associations.

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